North Carolina 16 Duke 11

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North Carolina 16 Duke 11

Post by All_Womens_Lacrosse » Sat Apr 27, 2019 4:53 pm

During the critical part of the game when the score was often tied, Duke was the team coughing up the ball. Olivia Jenner frequently ran into traffic unwisely and chose not to pass the ball, taking low percentage shots, trying to make something happen—not cognizant of the fact that UNC had made adjustments on her. Same thing for Charlotte North, who frequently took wild or low percentage shots or ran into traffic trying to make something happen, not wise enough to discern when there was nothing there. UNC intensified their ride/re-defend as the game wore on and Duke wasn’t able to adjust. 
UNC was able to make key adjustments to slow down Duke, but Duke wasn’t able to make any effective adjustments to impact UNC. That was the game. Give Duke credit – they hung tough for a while, but in the end North Carolina's talent and sound strategy overcame Duke's enthusiasm.

Duke’s goaltender Gabbe Cadoux made some big saves early, but eventually UNC overwhelmed her.

I don’t know if any of you noticed, but the Tar Heels sideline, without a doubt, was mocking Charlotte North after UNC scored with 25 seconds left in the game. Wow!!

As for the broadcast, it was a great announcing team. Luis Sanchez on the play-by-play, (who typically does color for BC women’s lacrosse home games but he’s a natural play-by-play guy) and Kate Graydon on color commentary, who was a new voice and another breath of fresh air in the new breed with Ashtyn Hiron. They were so much better than out-of-touch Tom Werme and Leah Secondo. They did a great job, especially Ms. Graydon, to question rules, strategy, etc, along with lending insight and a crisp call of the game. Decent camerawork. Shot clock in the score/time remaining banner. Decent balance on the field mics.

In the end—it was as it should be—#1 vs #2. We all want to see a BC/UNC rematch for the ACC title.

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